Top 3 Screening Hedges for Southwest Florida – My Picks!

Privacy hedges are an awesome alternative to fencing in the landscape!

Depending on the purpose you have for creating a border on your property, plant hedges or rows of trees will offer you the same or maybe even better results than standard fence materials.

My absolute favorite hedging plant here in Florida is Viburnum odoratissimum ‘Awabuki’ (for a fact sheet see this link: ‘Awabuki’). It grows to 15′-20′ at maturity – not too short and not too tall. The large, glossy, deep green leaves of ‘Awabuki’ hedges are very pleasing to the eye and these shrubs require less maintenance than other options. Check out ‘Awabuki’ photos here: Viburnum odoratissimum ‘Awabuki’

Areca Palms also create a more dense screening option for your Florida landscape. These graceful, delicate palms, spaced properly when planted, will fill in a border nicely, reaching approximately 20-35′ high. Height can always be maintained to your desire by removing taller canes of the palm when needed, leaving younger, shorter stems to grow. Areca palms grow quickly and for the most part, are lower maintenance too. The cost of installing Areca Palms is reasonable too, due to its fast growth habit. Here’s the facts about this stellar palm: Areca Palm Fact Sheet and a photo: Areca Palm.

I also like the appearance of Podocarpus macrophyllus – take a look at it here: Podocarpus. A highly drought tolerant shrub or tree, Podocarpus reaches 30′-40′, if not sheared or maintained at a lower height. The leaves of Podocarpus are a rich dark green and fine textured, but overall growth habit results in a nice, dense hedge for screening. Podocarpus can be sheared into a formal hedge or left natural for a tree look. The lower limbs of these shrubs are full so no worries about the shrub growing upward, leaving a gap at the bottom of the hedge. Here’s the fact about this slow grower:  Podocarpus macrophyllus.

So those are my top 3 picks for your beautiful Florida landscape! There are many other plants that will work but these are my favorites :>)



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